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Staff application - jackbarrbaxter

In-Game Name: jackbarrbaxter

Real First Name (Optional): Jack

Steam ID: Not sure. I'll look it up later, if that's okay.

Age: 19

Nationality (What country you live in): Scotland.

How many days have you been playing on the server? (Approx): I'm not sure, actually. I did have a lot of time before a reset. About a week, I think.

Are you willing to use your microphone?: Yes.

Have you received any prior bans/demotations? If so, why?: Yeah, I got demoted about 3 years ago because I cleared reports against me. Never been banned though, pretty sure.

Do you meet the requirements listed in the template?: I believe so. The staff probably don't remember me (if they're even the same staff as in 2016) but I got on with most of them well.

⭐Do you have any prior staffing experience? What did you do there, and why go to Phoenix? Or if not, Why Phoenix to apply to? I was a staff in a now defunct Deathrun server where I reached admin level. I was staff here too a while ago. Came to Phoenix Networks because I wanted to play Jail Break and I saw you had FastDL in your title Smile I had shit internet back then.

⭐Think of a friend. Your friend has been scoring high grades on their exams by cheating. They are not harming anyone else directly, but telling someone would probably mean they are suspended, or their results are discarded for their exam. What would you do? There isn't a right or wrong, so justify your answer: Tell them what they're doing is wrong. You can't win long term by cheating. You'll get found out when it comes to getting jobs and such. Fake qualifications don't mean anything. 

You are on a very long flight in business class flight. A mother and her child are behind you, but the child has been crying for the past few hours. You have asked them kindly, but the mother thinks the world of her child and doesn't want to upset them more. You can move seat to avoid this, but you would be moving from business to economy class. What would you do? There isn't a right or wrong answer, so justify your answer.: Well, I would probably notify the staff present. Realistically, you wouldn't be able to do much. Perhaps find something the kid can do like putting the TV on or giving them a pre-prepared colouring book for this exact situation.  

What time must a command be given by before it becomes a freeday?: 9:20? 

What is 7449 ÷ 191 (To test your initiative)?: 39. You should really change this question. You asked the exact same things when I applied in 2016. 

Tell us a joke, so we can know you better: Ali-A 

⭐What makes you stand out from the other people applying? What will you bring to the community as a staff member? Well, I have experience with staffing unlike most applicants I'm willing to bet. Also, I'm not 13 so I'm more likely to judge a situation ccorrectly. I have been staff on here before and I did a good job with actual staffing, just I cleared my own reports. I'm apparently quite likeable too so there's that. I'm not some toxic cunt Smile

⭐What motivates you to be a staff member? To make a server fun for everyone. I've been playing GMod for a while now (20k hours overall) and I see rude, arrogant staff in almost every server I go to. Younger kids shouldn't be picked on because they sound younger. You sounded like that once. Just because you're deeper now doesn't mean you can be an asshole. Plus, I like to think being staff means you can cut out shit like trolls and minge. You should be able to be apply discretion, as well. You don't have to stick rigidly by the rules so that it's like being back at school. 
-support we have enough Scottish people as it is


don't really know whats going on with server and all that atm tbh
Fuck someone replied ? Me remembers when this server actually had people on it lol. A lot of people too actually.

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