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Sandbox Rules

General Rules
You're responsible for your account and what happens to it.
Do not Mic or Chat Spam.
Hacking is bad, so don't do it.
Listen to Staff Members at all times! Do not argue with staff members about the rules. They know best. [Report a Member of Staff]
Do not Advertise anything. Includes links in names, giving links in chat or telling everyone to go on your server.
Do not impersonate members of the community/staff team/users.
Don't be annoying. E.g. Continously saying something over and over again.
Intended Racism & Racism is not allowed. This includes but does only include things like Ni**a or "You're a N word."
No threats to the server

Sandbox Rules
Don't bother builders.
Don't block spawn.
Don't spam props, effects, lights, or explosives.
Don't attempt to crash the server.
Don't overuse any props, effects, lights, or explosives.
Don't kill builders (Even if they haven't done !build. Don't be a cunt.)
Don't prop-push players.
Don't steal props/vehicles.
Remove all props after you're done with them.
Don't spawn large dupes.
Don't prop climb.
Don't block off any areas from players. (Unless building a base. Make it obvious that you are however. E.g. Putting up a sign saying you're making a base, otherwise staff can infer what they want to.)

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