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Jailbreak Patch Notes/Changelog

Patch notes/Changelog for the Jailbreak server
9th-18th/02/2018(In no particular order)
[Added] a Jukebox
[Added] weapon animations
[Added] a points tab on the scoreboard
[Added] Pointshop hats
[Added] more Pointshop playermodels
[Added] Pointshop Guard Playermodels
[Added] Trail Gun - May not be permanent
[Added] more Pointshop trails
[Added] Pets - Only 2 and may not be permanent
[Added] Powerups - Blood money(Pointshop points on kill) - Mech blood(White blood) - Greenblood
[Added] More ulx commands to the scoreboard

[Fixed] Weapon error on death
[Fixed] Pointshop guard playermodels
[Added] Better third person
[Removed] ulx thirdperson

[Added] Stop helicopter command
[Added] GTA5 Hats and Masks!

[Changed] Points in scoreboard

[Added] Armor % when alive & looking at someone from close range
[Image: 1f88c9986b03a824f208d247b0960982.jpg]
[Added] Armor Bar for spectators, this goes below the health bar
[Image: 7ee474f2defc2c1769d017fc65cf64d5.png]
[Added] Staff icon when using mics(This does not conflict with the warden icon!)
[Image: e22327f73ef1b1e07cd190a3224f75a0.png]
[Image: 9793ea6c3b7f399a951ea4de1ac55f27.png]
[Added] [Still in dev] Staff use mics when dead
[Image: e07e3c8add4cee0784a3c7cae3805b09.jpg]
[Changed] Jailbreaks weapons back to M9K(Until we get them working with some nice animations)
[Changed] Ranks in scoreboard, now they will appear when hovering over someone
[Image: ab892e98e46b434507c4a2270b27d520.png]
[Image: cb69f4a4c874bbe0280df8b2d3db7b7d.png]
[Added] Ulx mass RDM. Bans target permanently for mass rdm, this makes the process quicker.
[Added] Vending machine ammo & weapons(new summer only for now.)
[Added] Ulx slaynr(vulpus) kos, rebel and afk
[Added] Basketball on jb_new_summer_v2

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