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In-Game Name: Mayo

Real First Name (Optional): David

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:174376248

Age: 14

Nationality (What country you live in): Lithuania

How many days have you been playing on the server? (Approx):2d 8min 16s

Are you willing to use your microphone?: No

Have you received any prior bans/demotations? If so, why?: I Forgot Sorry

Do you meet the requirements listed in the template?: Yes

⭐Do you have any prior staffing experience? What did you do there, and why go to Phoenix? Or if not, Why Phoenix to apply to? : Its the only server that is good i have staffing experience but i got demoted because i was on a vacation. I hope i can stay here and staff the server as long as i can.

⭐Think of a friend. Your friend has been scoring high grades on their exams by cheating. They are not harming anyone else directly, but telling someone would probably mean they are suspended, or their results are discarded for their exam. What would you do? There isn't a right or wrong, so justify your answer: Yes i would say that he cheated not because i hate him because i tell the truth.

⭐You are on a very long flight in business class flight. A mother and her child are behind you, but the child has been crying for the past few hours. You have asked them kindly, but the mother thinks the world of her child and doesn't want to upset them more. You can move seat to avoid this, but you would be moving from business to economy class. What would you do? There isn't a right or wrong answer, so justify your answer.: I would put on ear muffins and enjoy the fly't.

What time must a command be given by before it becomes a freeday?: Before 4:20

What is 7449 ÷ 191 (To test your initiative)?:39

Tell us a joke, so we can know you better: I threw a boomerang a few years ago i now live in constant fear.

⭐What makes you stand out from the other people applying? What will you bring to the community as a staff member? Im loyal, i tell the truth and i am never angry.

⭐What motivates you to be a staff member? Its fun helping people, motivating people, look out for the server and more!
  Angel Angel
as far as I know he's seems pretty good.

Quote:What time must a command be given by before it becomes a freeday?: Before 4:20
Sandbox Owner/Dev -- Since 12/31/2017
Jailbreak Senior Admin -- Staff Since 14/8/2017
Nice guy
Been on the server often
Good answer on flight question

Answer to cheating question seems a bit suck-up-y
Incorrect answer to time to give a command
Combination of cheating question and what makes you stand out seems to be bragging a bit
Prior staffing experience is very vague
You do speak in game sometimes, yet you say you are unwilling to use a mic?

Neutral, -support lean
Jailbreak Mentor

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