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Who actually wants to help revive the server

read the title.
Sandbox Owner/Dev -- Since 12/31/2017
Jailbreak Senior Admin -- Staff Since 14/8/2017
I was on for a hour or so earlier and invited everyone on my firends list who was online
Yeah Lets Get The Server Up And Running Again BOIS.
I Have Invited My Friends Over The Past Week In An Attempt To Keep It Active...
Legit how do i get demoted for inactivity when you thots are more inactive then me smh
I mean to get this server up and filling with players is to invite quite alot of people, and thats going to be hard because no one even goes on this server anymore, sometimes people join in and sometimes noone join's. We need to go on every Garry's mod server listing posible so we could put this server into listing and help the server up.
  Angel Angel
Greetings long lost people, fear not, since I will play (but i have no friends and i will probably not help a bit in reviving the server but thats okay because at least I will try) so yeaaaa I'll be on, just ping in server
Hope you have a great day!

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