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Proper Ban Appeal of Jack Frost

I'm not sure if an old HoS's opinion matters but not having jack on the server is a huge loss even tho he isn't  a staff member, I'll admit that if you don't know jack he can appear to be toxic but once you know him it's clear his intentions are always pure as if a staff member can put up with Jack they can deal with any troll no matter how determined he is, I personally benefited from this when i was a lower staff member. Yes Jack did what he did but everyone has their moments and there are people who have done a lot worse and still been given second chances. At the end of the day Jack is a quality player and an all round nice guy.
I Do not want this ban appeal to give others the reason to start a argument simple as that

1 Week Trial - You need to tone down your "banter" when talking to players and staff, if you are annoyed at them you keep it to yourself, and try to stay more positive and friendly to players i.e. don't insult them by calling them "Cunts" etc
After this - 1 chance if this happens again, then if it happens again after that the ban will be put back

Any reports on staff or players on forums, or reports on staff in-game will be ignored/deleted. These should instead be sent directly to me to avoid the conflict.

Also, you will be treated at all times as a normal player

Overall, just try to be a bit more friendly and approachable, a bit like your idol as we all know, SovietWomble.


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