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Jailbreak Rules

Key Words Index

RDM - Random Death Match. Killing somebody without them rebelling.

Mass RDM - Killing multiple people with malicious intent.

KOS - Kill on Sight. A prisoner who is to be killed. This can be revoked, such as going in then out of the armoury without taking a weapon.

LR - Last Request. When the warden is still alive, the last prisoner can make a request for the end of the current, or the next round to be accepted or denied by the warden

DR - Death Request. The last prisoner can press F4 to make a request on how they want to die. This can happen with or without the warden, and is still valid when an LR has been chosen.

KOS Camping - A guard staying inside a KOS area. Guard Rule 2 Applies

Freeday - Prisoners can do whatever they want for the day. Read rules general rule 19 and warden rule 6

False Reporting - A report that has nothing to do with the rules themselves, such as “Unmute me” or “They are ugly”

LGKA - Last Guard Kills All (But one). The last non-warden guard remaining kills all prisoners but the last prisoner.

Rules for all players

  1. RDM is not allowed. Mass RDM will result in a permanent ban if it was intentional, or temporary if accidental.
  2. You may not prop kill.
  3. You cannot kill the warden with a Donator Knife
  4. Keep the chat clean. We don’t allow discrimination but swearing is allowed. General Chat Minge is also banned.
  5. We don’t allow Slander or Harassment. Keep Flaming out of global chat.
  6. Avoid text or mic spamming, flooding the text or voice chat with messages, else you may be gagged or muted.
  7. If you are muted and/or gagged, you may request to be ungagged or unmuted via admin chat (“@ …”) but do not spam admin chat as this will just get you kicked.
  8. Follow the staff’s instructions, as they have the last say, unless it is contradicting these rules. An abusive staff member can be reported via the forums.
  9. We also don’t allow advertising for content that isn’t related to our server.
  10. Try not to talk over the warden, else others can’t hear their instructions. Doing so may lead to a gag, or the warden may make talking KOS, following warden rule 3.
  11. Threats to the server, staff or other players are not allowed
  12. Don't impersonate a staff member or other player. That means anything from copying their steam username or just claiming to be them.
  13. Clean Sprays Only
  14. We don’t allow ghosting/metagaming. This is when you tell an alive player, actively or passively, information that you learned by dying or spectating. This is not allowed through private or server chat. Doing so may result in a warning or a kick.
  15. Cheating or Hacking isn’t tolerated.
  16. Bunnyhopping, whether it's binds, scripts, or legit bhopping, is not allowed under any circumstance other than bhopping games (e.g bhop in new summer games room)
  17. You may not make false reports
  18. You are responsible for your own account. Anything that is done on it is your responsibility, even if it was a brother, cousin or friend etc.
  19. When the cell doors are opened, they can’t be closed, else the closer will be slain.
  20. If no command is given before 9:20, or the warden hasn’t spoken by 9:30, the doors must be opened and it becomes a freeday.
  21. In any tournament day (Hide & Seek, Warday etc.), if the warden dies, the day continues until one prisoner remains, then they may still be given an LR without a warden.
  22. An LR can only affect one round, and a freeday may only be for the last prisoner, and optionally a friend, or the whole prisoner team.
  23. The same prisoner can only have LR twice in a row, if their previous LR didn't give them any advantage. E.g. You get LR next round if you asked for a normal war day and won it. You may not get LR a second time if you were on a freeday, or asked for a warday but only you can have a gun.
  24. When a prisoner leaves a KOS Zone, that can no longer be the cause of them being KOS. If there is no other reason, they are no longer KOS
  25. Model Blocking isn't allowed
  26. Leaving then joining multiple times in order to spam chat is punishable by death
  27. Jokes about sensitive topics such as terrorist attacks within the last 3 month are not allowed.
  28. Hitting a vent is KOS unless the warden says otherwise.
  29. Binds or manually typed answers containing all/multiple trivia questions answers in LR are not allowed
  30. Baiting is not allowed. This is, for example saying "Type quit smoking in console" "Type exit prisoners in chat to go guard" "Alt-F4 gives free points" "Delete System32 to speed your PC up" or any other message aimed at causing damage to the players pc, make them leave the server, unbind all keys etc.
Guard Specific Rules

  1. Gun planting is not allowed, this is giving a prisoner a gun, unless it is a day they are allowed them e.g. Warday
  2. You cannot camp KOS (Kill on Sight) areas for more than 10 seconds, unless the area is under immediate threat e.g. prisoners waiting outside of the armoury. KOS areas include: The Armoury, vents, catwalks, roofs, towers, ladders leading to KOS areas, fake walls, the helicopter, etc.
  3. You aren't allowed to camp blind spots in KOS areas even if there is an immediate threat. An example of this is hiding next to the wall in the armory in New Summer.
  4. You may only ask a prisoner to holster a donator knife. You cannot tell them to drop it. However on a freeday you cannot tell them to holster it either.
  5. Guards must be actively doing their job and following the wardens orders.

  • LGKA is only until one prisoner is remaining
  • LGKA is only for the last guard, not warden
  • LGKA only applies if there is at least 3 active guards and at least 5 prisoners.
Warden Specific Rules

  1. You must have a microphone, otherwise it is a freeday, unless there are less than 5 active people on the server.
  2. You cannot claim warden in order to make it a freeday (Unless the freeday is an LR, as it will be a freeday either way.)
  3. You may not make using microphones KOS unless prisoners/guards are talking over you, then you may make them KOS until you have finished your order
  4. Friendly Fire cannot be enabled for prisoners on a day that does not require it.
  5. You can’t deny 3 custom LRs in a row. Variations on normal Freedays with different people count as 1 choice.
  6. Once a freeday has begun, it can’t be stopped without each prisoner agreeing. If some say yes and some say no, ones that say no are still on a freeday.
  7. You may not do the same day 3 times in a row, including if you have a different day in the middle of them. Look underneath for examples
  8. Placing a waypoint on the other side of a wall then KOSing people that go to the other side isn't allowed. The texture difference isn't noticeable and the distance measurement can't help if you aren't exactly on it.
  9. "No Detours or Delays" overrides all commands before it.
  10. "If it's a custom day, then you can only go warden if cells are closed.
Rule 7:
Warday, Warday, Warday is NOT allowed
Warday, Simon Says, Warday, Warday is NOT allowed
Warday, Hide and Seek Day, Simon Says Day, Warday, Warday IS allowed
Hide and Seek Day, Simon Says Day, Warday IS allowed

You May NOT have the Following Days:
  • Shoot or Don't Shoot, Gift Day, Bomb or No Bomb Day -  anything along these lines that relies on random chance weather a prisoner dies or lives
  • Cell Day - Keeping Prisoners in their Cells all day
  • Ping Day- Killing Prisoners with the highest Ping
  • Brick Day or any other days with no real goal
  • Days that break our rules e.g. Football as it causes Prop Killing
  • If you do a custom made day, staff may tell you that it is not allowed if they see fit. If you don’t believe it breaks our rules, you may go to a higher member of staff or the forums.

Rebelling is when a prisoner:
  • Has a primary or secondary weapon
  • Shoots or kills a guard outside being allowed to for a day.
  • Escapes, unless and until they are allowed back by the warden
  • Doesn’t follow warden’s orders (Excluding if the order is a trick/simon says day)

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