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Well Hello There :D

Hello my name is Jack Frost 

Most of you might not know me but i am ex staff for PN as well before PN was CWG and i was staff on that.

So i have came here because well as you can see CWG is no more and that PN is slowly dying.

What i am hoping from this is to see who has join from what either CWG or PN and then type in how long they have been with for which one.

Now i have been here near the start of CWG and that was fucking long ago.

Head up DON'T try and start an argument with me :Big Grin   (That's all)
Proberbly(?) 15th of May '16, a little before Sen arrived.
I've been staff since August 14^th
and probably around the start of august I actually started to play
Sandbox Owner/Dev -- Since 12/31/2017
Jailbreak Senior Admin -- Staff Since 14/8/2017
The guns suck ass on JB

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